Holistic Healthcare

​​SriPadmam Ayurveda -  Kerala


Through our medicines - some carefully manufactured in-house by our own physicians and others sourced from a few top-line Ayurvedic medicine producers.

Through our physicians - all specialists in their specific fields of Ayurveda who can expertly diagnose and treat the particular imbalances of the body.

Through  our therapists - experts with a deep knowledge of the marma points, or energy pathways, of the human body to aid both in Ayurveda massage therapy and the practice of Yoga.

Through our  accommodation - with home cooked food and welcoming hosts  who ensure you enjoy a 'home away from home' experience while staying under our care.

To provide an all-natural approach to a healthy mind, body and soul, we complement our traditional Ayurvedic treatment with Yoga and meditation, as necessary.

At SriPadmam Ayurveda (SPA)  Kerala, we aim to harmonize the mind and rejuvenate the body with Ayurveda and Yoga