When a woman is healthy, the entire family becomes healthy and, through her, society as a whole remains healthy. Therefore, the aim of our Ayurvedic medical fraternity is a Healthy Society.

The Ayurveda Medical Association of India (AMAI) has launched Ladies Clinics (Vanitha Clinics) across Kerala by emphasising the importance of protecting women's health.

We have joined AMAI’s initiative and started a Ladies Clinic at SPA Kerala.

Book an appointment with the AMAI-trained Specialist at our Ladies Clinic.

The services we offer Ladies at our Clinic:

  • Improving awareness about diseases that arise due to your lifestyle.

  • Treatment of diseases that affect the uterus: Leukorrhea or discharge of white mucous material from the vagina, which is often an indication of infection; Heavy menstrual bleeding; Uterine fibroids related to periods.

  • Solutions for women's health issues such as: Menopause-related mental and physical issues; Infertility.

  • Care of pregnant women.

  • Postnatal care.

  • Addressing problems of adolescent girls.

  • Beauty treatments.

  • Treatment for obesity.

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